Reichardt Construction, LLC.

Metal Buildings

Our Texas metal buildings feature 26 Gauge Continuous Roof
Standard building with lean/to roof.

Continuous Roof - Eliminates ridge cap, prevents leaks, and is
designed for high winds.
All Steel Framework
Standard building with roof extension.

Clear Span - No interior
supports to get in your way.
Turn Key Erection
Steel building without a lean/to or roof extension.

Erection Crews - With years
of experience.

Reichardt Construction specializes in steel buildings for the Texas rural community. Steel buildings are the number one choice for property owners in Texas. Metal construction is more efficient and durable for the Texas climate. Metal buildings with clear span and steel roof and wall purlin provide strength. 26 gauge metal roofing panels and 26 gauge metal siding panels protect against the strong Texas winds so do what many Texas residents do, choose metal and steel construction.


Steel Framework

Texas Metal Barns and Texas Steel Barns are superior over wood barn structures for many reasons. Metal barns and steel barns are structurally stronger, more versatile and available in large clear spans. Metal barns and steel barns have become the popular choice in Texas rural communities.


Comparison Guidelines

  1. Are you getting a continuous roof constructed with the heavy 26 gauge PBC Panel?
  2. Are the roof panels fastened with long-life roof screws? Regular plated screws will rust.
  3. Is the roof structure designed with 8" perlins?
  4. Is the pipe structure used or new pipe?
  5. Will the framework be painted with red oxide primer?
  6. Is the wall PBR panel or R panel? PBR has an extra leg to stiffen laps.
  7. Does the installer blow the metal shavings off the roof to prevent rust
  8. Does the installer pre-drill the wall panels to create straight screw lines?
  9. Does the installer carry worker's compensation insurance and is able to provide proof?
  10. Does the installer carry commercial liability insurance and is able to provide proof?
Here are a few reasons why we think Reichardt Construction Metal Building is a smart buy:
  • CONTINOUS ROOF - Eliminates ridge cap, prevents leaks, and is designed for high winds.
  • CLEAR SPAN - No interior supports to get in your way.
  • HEAVY FRAMES - On end walls.
  • WELDED FRAMEWORK - To create one solid roof.
  • RED OXIDE PRIMER - Is applied to all framework.
  • GALVALUME - 26 Gauge roof and walls.
  • LONG LIFE - Roof screws that last.
  • ERECTION CREWS - With years of experience.
  • FULLY INSURED - Workers compensation and commercial liability.
  • ALL STEEL FRAMING - No wood framing.
  • JUST COUNTRY - We design and build metal buildings exclusively for the rural community.


Turnkey Metal Building Average Price List

Based upon:

  • 5" Slab
  • 24" Outside Beam
  • 2 - 12x12 Roll Up Doors
  • 1 - Walk Door


30'x 40'x14' $
40'x45'x14' $
40'x60'x14' $
40'x80'x14' $
40'x100'x14' $