Reichardt Construction, LLC.

Custom Construction Tips

Choosing your Design:

Build within your budget! Make a list of your must haves and create your dream
home around them.

Choosing your Builder:

Find someone you TRUST. When comparing proposals for homes it is essential
that you compare apples to apples. It is easy to lower the price by using lesser quality
material or people, not including amenities, ceiling height differences, leaving soil
problems open, and much more. You should carefully compare, item by item, what is
being proposed. If there is a large variance between two builder's prices for a similar
home the difference will almost always be the quality!
At Reichardt Construction we pride ourselves in offering the most cost detailed
contract available, and are open to discuss every detail. It's your money not ours.

The Construction Process
Average Construction Time:

  • Custom Homes 6 months
  • Barndominium 3-5 months
  • Metal Buildings 1 month

We typically require walk-thru inspections

  1. Slab complete
  2. Exterior Frame Complete (We will confirm Preliminary Mechanical Design)
  3. Plumbing, Electrical, Heating Complete
  4. Drywall Complete (We will conftrm Preliminary Cabinet and Trim Design)
  5. Trim Complete (We will conftrm Paint Colors & Finishes)
  6. Final Inspection

Cost Per Square Foot

Cost per square foot is a commonly asked question. It is impossible to give an accurate
answer to this question until the plan is chosen, finishes agreed too, and the homesite
evaluated. Each home is quite different and the items included or not included make a
major difference in the cost per square foot. There are probably 10,000 variables that can
impact square footage cost due to home design, specifications, site conditions, and much
more. Typically, as the square footage rises, the cost per square foot will decrease. This
is because the same home, regardless of size will have fixed costs associated like: tap
fees, appliances, septic, well, driveways, and much more which do not change with size.
There are many areas in a home where footage can be added quite inexpensively. If the
budget allows, this should be done since there will be a major spread between the cost of
the footage and the appraised value ofthe footage. We will be happy to point those areas
out to you.
Our preferred manner of operation is to first evaluate your plans and specifications
and then develop a contract based on actual costs.
Many builders offer a low price per
square foot with minimal specifications for the home assuming that the Buyers's will
upgrade their expected quality level once the home has been started. Personally, I do
not like to be on either side ofthis type of surprise and doubt that you would either. If
there is a major difference in another builder's cost per square foot you can be sure that
there is a difference in the quality, features, and finishes included, or some other tangible

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